Tips How to Choose Car Insurance

Here are important tips in choosing car insurance.
• Make sure that you choose the auto insurance company that is credible. As far as possible that have received the title / certificate as Best General Insurance, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award and the Indonesian Best Brand Award. Information about auto insurance companies can be obtained from the news media and from the experience of friends or loved ones who had any contact or use the services of the insurance company.
• Learn with a thorough, meticulous and careful about the type of car insurance will be chosen and what you want to cover. Does insurance type as a whole (All Risk) or TLO. It is also important to ask if there is expansion of insurance coverage or other protection such as flood, accident and civil-rah.
• It is important also asked about a given period of insurance, especially for cars purchased on credit.
The following tips are made capital is important to choose a car insurance claim process to ensure an easy, simple and straightforward. Notice if the car insurance company has a service network of representative and widely scattered. Involves checking whether the company has a call center is ready to serve without knowing the time and holidays. Make sure also, the car insurance companies claim to have a flexible survey services such as service to your home or office.
• In choosing car insurance, it helps us see the workshop network partner insurance companies. For example, how many partners the number of workshops, which are located, and how the quality of these workshops. We must ensure the guarantee of genuine spare parts and repair shop guarantees its work.
• Another consideration is the car insurance company should have a free emergency service, such as free towing 24 hours, which is needed if we had an accident, strike, a flat tire and others on the road.
Last but not least, important tips in choosing a car insurance is the payment. Do car insurance companies we choose to provide flexibility in payments and easy payment system, such as through ATMs, credit cards, or installment system.