Tips How to Choose Car Insurance

Here are important tips in choosing car insurance.
• Make sure that you choose the auto insurance company that is credible. As far as possible that have received the title / certificate as Best General Insurance, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award and the Indonesian Best Brand Award. Information about auto insurance companies can be obtained from the news media and from the experience of friends or loved ones who had any contact or use the services of the insurance company.

Growth of Islamic Insurance in Indonesia

Today the growth of Islamic insurance is very high because many people are aware of the importance of having insurance. Islamic insurance has many advantages over non-Islamic insurance that many enthusiasts who are interested to have an Islamic insurance. Insurance can be a long term investment and will also self-protection that are not desirable things. Financial products themselves have become human needs and those of people today, more selective use of financial products is to avoid things that contain usury.

Pro and Contra of Modern Insurance

Because thats strayed far from the initial principle of mutual insurance, many people from among the Muslims who objected with modern insurance practices.  Insurance contract is rejected by the ulema or Islamic scholars with a variety of reasons, among others:

Principles of Insurance

Basic Principles of Insurance
The insurance industry, both general insurance and life insurance, have principles that guide the entire implementation of the activities of insurance anywhere

The Role of a Public Health Insurance Plan

Lessons from International Experience
Timothy Stoltzfus Jost
• All developed countries have both public and private health insurance plans, although private insurance usually supplements or complements public health insurance coverage and rarely competes with it directly.
• In two countries, Germany and Australia, private plans compete directly for members with the national public health insurance program.


In February 2002, the Federal Government’s Interdepartmental Committee on Employment-based Health Insurance Surveys approved the following set of definitions for use in Federal surveys collecting employer-based health insurance data. The BLS National Compensation Survey currently uses these definitions in its data collection procedures and publications. These definitions will be periodically reviewed and updated by the Committee. ASO (Administrative Services Only) – An arrangement in which an employer hires a third party to deliver administrative services to the employer such as claims processing and billing; the employer bears the risk for claims.